Website Maintenance Service

Why Choose A Website Maintenance Service?

Websites today have lots of moving parts. To make sure your website is kept up to date and performing at its best, a website maintenance service is a must! this service keeps your website safe from hackers. protects your website files with regular backups of your website  and monitoring  your website to make sure it stays online with uptime monitoring software.

Website Maintenance Service 1

What's Included in Your Website Maintenance Service Plan

Website Maintenance Service 2

Website Backups

Consistent backup to make just in case you need them.

Website Maintenance Service 3

Plugin & Software Updates

We monitor your plugins to make sure they are kept up to date

Website Maintenance Service 4

Hacker & Virus Protection

Our job is to keep your website protected with the most advanced anti-hacker and virus protection.


Website Maintenance Service 5

Terms of Use & Privacy Protection Creation and Updates

We help you create, and maintain your terms of service and privacy policy

Website Maintenance Service 6

Website Caching

We use the latest tools to decrease load times on your website

Website Maintenance Service 7

Basic Website Edits

We make basic edits to your existing website pages such as adding pictures and editing copy. 

Website Maintenance Service Plans & Pricing


Basic Technical Support

Essential Support
$ 99
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
  • 24/7 Emergency Support
  • WordPress & Plugin Updates
  • Security Optimization

Website Support

Ideal for business without a web development team
$ 249
  • Unlimited Website Edits
  • Unlimited Website Projects
  • Custom Page Design
  • Chat Support

Basic Technical Support

Enter your description
$ 599
  • A Dedicated Site Manager
  • A Dedicated Task Board
  • Custom Task Workflows
  • Scheduled Calls